The Principles of Learning Course

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Across the United States, teachers are remarkably underinformed about basic principles of cognitive science. I'm not interested in blaming anyone for that -- it is what it is.

In this course, we're skipping blame and heading to empowerment. Specifically, we'll examine what I've identified as the ten most important principles cognitive science has taught me. Then, we'll apply them to improve both our level of impact and our sense of personal wellness.

What are these fancy principles, you ask? Here they are:

  1. Learning is hard
  2. Tests are the best
  3. Knowledge is a super power
  4. We remember what we think about
  5. Literacy is more than English
  6. Play Power tools
  7. Motivation is malleable
  8. Myths abound
  9. Teachers must be learners
  10. Teaching is an art

For each of these, I'll act as your colleague across the hallway, sitting down with you to understand together the research and logic that inform these principles and the practical applications of them in all kinds of classrooms and content areas.

You will leave this course with a deep understanding these principles and a confident ability to experiment with them in your own setting.

Are you ready for to upgrade your teaching power?

How about your sanity?

Me too.

More learning, less stress,


"I really appreciate the thoughtful blend of research and practice that Dave brings to his work. I used [his work] as the backbone of a presentation to my staff, and they were equally impressed."

- Allison Schultz

"Valuable content. Fits "real life" as a teacher. Manageable structure (use of media, short bites of content, options for deeper exploration, use of shared reflection). Combination of research, theory, and practical, immediately usable solutions that improve motivation."

- Sister Patrice Colletti, high school special education teacher, Tiospa Zina Tribal School, Lake Traverse Reservation

"This course has opened my eyes to an entire realm of possibilities that do not include blaming the student and me copping out of my responsibilities. This has been the most eye-opening and valuable PD that I could have imagined. I see student motivation as the foundation for everything we do. When so many educators see it as, "I give them the information, if they choose not to take it, that's their problem", this course shows that to be a thought which is unhealthy, unproductive, and simply untrue."

- Warren Roth, 8th-Grade ELA teacher, Camdenton, MO

"You offer such practical applications for the ideas presented in this class that it would be beneficial to ANY teacher, as well as time-efficient."

- Casey Falotico, secondary English teacher, Pittsburgh, PA

"This course gives the participant the chance to be exposed to ideas from a number of the leading thinkers in the realm of education and motivation without having to read all the materials herself (which took Dave years). The fact that it is self-paced increases its value for those of us who are disciplined but busy."

- Catherine S., high school teacher, Oklahoma

"I have been working with high risk populations for a long time. I am recommending this course for all my schools and all teachers 4-12 as it addresses these foundational issues with identity and motivation that I have found to be so pervasive."

- Dr. Tammy Elser, Professor of Education at Salish Kootenai College and Director of BRAIDS, a Native Youth Community Partnership Project at SKC.

"[T]his was an excellent course and I have several things I can use in my classroom for the coming year. I appreciated all the science behind the strategies."

- Michelle J., high school science teacher, BC Canada

"There is so much usable information even for someone how is about to start her 32nd year of teaching."

- Alicia Lipscomb, 6-12 band teacher, Ronan MT

Taught by a teacher who's researched and tested these ideas for years.

Dave Stuart Jr.
Dave Stuart Jr.

Dave Stuart Jr. is a teacher who writes about his work in Cedar Springs, MI, where he lives with his wife and children. Dave's writing is read by over 50,000 teachers each month, and he has led professional development for educators in all 50 states in the US plus overseas. In this online course, Dave hopes you get the tools you need and the courage you crave to get a little bit better at the work each day.

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What's this course all about?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts in January 2024, and it never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Once the course videos drop in January, you can complete it in a week, in a few months, or for the rest of your life. Up to you :)
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you're not happy, I'm not happy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me by February 2024 and I will give you a full refund.
How is the earlybird cohort of this course special?
There are a few ways that folks in the initial group of 250 will get special perks compared to later course takers. First, there are the savings. Using coupon code EARLYBIRD, you save $50 on your registration -- a once-in-the-course's-lifetime deal. Second, there is the interactivity with your colleagues. When I eventually make this course open enrollment, the comments section of each lesson will noticeably diminish in their liveliness and interactivity. In the first cohort, however, you get the "iron sharpens iron" effect of being in a group of the 250 folks most eager to do this learning together. And finally, during this cohort I'll be hosting periodic "office hours" where you can ask me anything about this course, my books, or problems of practice you'd like my individual take on.

"Dave Stuart Jr.'s work should be essential reading for teachers. It is some of the best thinking about structuring your classes for student success and motivation that I have seen yet. "

- David Steakley

"I love the content of this course and the comment section. This course makes me motivated in my teaching career."

- Trang Olsen, Special Education Teacher, Columbia, SC

I made this course for teachers like you and I. If you're a person that wants to get better at the basics of teaching with a no-fluff deep dive into timeless, practical principles, then this baby is for you.

I hope to see you inside,


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