The Time Management for Teachers Mini-Course

Because time is life.


I've asked nearly 20,000 educators, all around the world, to tell me what their top frustration is.

Time. That's the most common theme.

Here's what I hear:

  • I feel like I'm drowning, all the time.
  • I drive home defeated, like the task list has won another day.
  • I'm expected to do more than I can.
  • I can't handle all the demands on my time. I don't even know how to process them all, let alone do them.
  • This job is affecting my health and my family. I'm tired.
  • I know I'm capable of more in my job, I just can't seem to find the time to get to the next level.

These aren't little speed bumps on the road to our long-term flourishing -- they're redwood trees, felled across our paths. If we don't figure out time, then we're not going to figure much out about our work. The brain doesn't do well with this kind of pressure.

"Great teachers tend to have great lives."

That's what a friend once told me. It was a line she had heard her mentor say, again and again.

Managing time is not about detailed checklists, perfect systems, or silver bullets, and it's goal isn't simply getting things done. I'm after something deeper. To me, time management is thinking for ourselves about the conflicting demands on our time and about the obstacles we put in our own paths. The goal isn't checklists; it's building a career well-worked and a life well-lived.

So this course is will help you use your time better. It'll help you practice your values, work within constraints, and cultivate the long-term view. In the Time Management Course, we're going to learn how to work better, not harder, and how to rest as well.

Here's the gist. The course is:

  • schedule-friendly – 10 lessons, all hosted online, all available to stream whenever you'd like;
  • practical – reflective application exercises follow each lesson, and these putting the principles, concepts, and disciplines into practice;
  • collegial – discussion sections are included with each lesson, and you'll have access to Dave's email address in case you'd like to ask him specific questions;
  • transferrable – I focus on the most high-powered principles, disciplines, and concepts of time management, not nitty gritty tactics or overwhelming systems;
  • deep – every lesson has a six or more "Dig Deeper" recommendations (the books, articles, and videos that I've found most helpful);
  • great for groups – you can purchase individual licenses for teacher taking the course OR one group viewing license so that everyone can watch it together; and
  • good – and just in case you don't think so, there's a no hassle, 30-day, money-back guarantee.

In this online course, you’ll learn…

  • how to live by your whole-life values and clarify your Everests in each of them;
  • how to make simple rules that powerfully solve complexity-driven overwhelm;
  • how doing one thing at a time is actually the fastest way to get a lot of things done;
  • how to take a day off from all things work- or achievement-oriented, every week;
  • how to quantify the hours of your workweek that are under your control and the hours of your workweek that aren't;
  • how to simplify the most important tasks in your job;
  • how to master the glorious discipline of satisficing;
  • how to analyze tasks on a spectrum of importance that then dictates the time and attention you give them;
  • how to determine which tasks or commitments to skip or remove;
  • how to do the inner work on the parts of us that keep us coming back to the same time drains, again and again.

There's no other place in the world where I offer this in-depth, sustained, schedule-friendly PD on time management. There's no other place in the world where you'll connect with so many like-minded, like-hearted colleagues from around the globe, all wrestling with the same work.

But don't take my word for it. Here's what some of my past PD participants have to say.

"This has been so incredibly beneficial to me as a first year teacher. In my brief conversations with others about the course and my interactions with students regarding the beliefs, I know this is career trajectory altering PD. This is career trajectory-altering."

- Sean Daigle, high school math teacher, Palm Springs, CA

"The no-nonsense, humble, inclusive approach by Dave... neither insults my professionalism nor wastes my time."

- Tracy Franklin, middle school Title 1/ELL teacher, Camp Verde, AZ, 40 year educator

"The instructor deeply and extensively practices what he teaches. ... The course provides an excellent venue for your growth whether you tend towards introversion or extroversion. This is the best PD model and method on the planet."

- John Reynolds, high school teacher, Granby, CO

Here's how the course works

  • WATCH: As soon as you register, you have access to all 10 lessons and related materials. From this point on, you'll have access to every video in the course, whenever you'd like -- no expiration date. Each video lesson is 4-10 minutes in length, and as soon as you register I walk you through best practices for using the course. (Note: Videos are close captioned.)
  • ANSWER: Each video lesson includes a Reflective Application prompt to guide your thinking, process the lesson's content, and make tweaks to your daily work. I recommend answering these in the comments section of each lesson, but you can also respond to the questions in a personal journal or, should you choose to enroll in the course with a friend or a group, during periodic in-person meetings of your own design.
  • CONNECT: For the 1000+ educators who have taken one of my courses so far, the power isn't just in the content -- it's in the connections. You will be blown away by the smart, earnest people who are in the course, engaging with the art and science of time management. That collegial power is enough to prove to you that yes, you are not alone, and yes, you can do this! In the course, I facilitate connection in two simple ways: through the lesson-specific comment sections, and through email correspondence with Dave as you desire.

And at the end, I want you to feel equipped, encouraged, and understood. Because you're not crazy. Time really is hard to come by.

Taught by a teacher who's researched and tested these ideas for years.

Dave Stuart Jr.
Dave Stuart Jr.

Hi there, I'm Dave Stuart Jr., the creator of the Time Management Course.

I'm a classroom teacher who has spent years reading, researching, and experimenting on the topic of time management. For thousands of hours, my burning question has been like yours: How do I maximize the long-term flourishing outcomes of my work in education, without burning my life down in the process? This course is my first attempt at sharing that work.

Here is a bit about me:

I'm a husband and father, and I take these roles very seriously. (In other words, teaching is not my whole life.)

Over 35,000 people read my articles each month.

Over 10,000 educators in 28 different states have heard me speak about my work at various workshops, conferences, and keynotes.

My bestselling book, These 6 Things, is read by teaching teams and schools around the world.

I am animated by a simple belief: all students and teachers should flourish.

What's in the Course?

Who's the course for?

  • Experienced educators who are weary of the next silver bullet or all-fluff-no-substance PD.
  • New teachers who want to build their careers on simple and robust disciplines for analyzing and acting on questions of time management.
  • Instructional coaches who want to support teachers with focused, coherent, and actionable insights on how to make more of their time.
  • Administrators looking to improve their own time management or to learn how to lead their teachers in better work-life balance.

The way that I've learned time management isn't through some specific system for secondary teachers or a set of super-specific techniques for people who balance two full-time jobs and a family. There are plenty of books and courses that take a granular, hyper-thorough approach to time management, with lots of systems and tactics and tips.

While the Time Management Course is very practical (I know of no other way to make good professional development), it's essential goal is to guide you to internalize what I find to be the most important principles and disciplines of time management.

For example, one of the disciplines that the course covers is satisficing. I've written about satisficing on my blog before, but I've never treated it in an online professional development. And it turns out that satisficing -- the act of doing something at an acceptable level of quality versus a maximized level of quality -- is essential to saving tons of time and gaining lots more enjoyment in life. It helps me in my jobs as a teacher and writer, and it helps me in my roles as a husband and father.

In other words, the course is designed to teach you principles, and if you're up for doing the reflective application exercises that go with each lesson and digging deep into the online discussions and office hours, then I think you'll emerge from the course with a deeper mastery of time management, no matter what hats you wear.

If you are an educator who wants to overcome overwhelm and enjoy your time more, then I think the course is going to equip you, encourage you, and give you the tools you need to do work you're proud of without driving yourself insane. If it doesn't, good news: we offer a 30-day, full-money-back guarantee for the course. If you find that it doesn't help, send us an email at [email protected].

Why invest in this course?

The average registration for a teaching conference costs well over $200, and then you often need to arrange and/or pay for travel, and release time, and substitute teachers, and so on. Once the conference is over, you're encouraged, but you leave with only your notes and (if you're like me) a strong dose of cognitive overwhelm.

The Time Management Course, on the other hand, offers a competitive value:

  • Once you register, you have everything you need. No added costs, no subs, no travel.
  • It's made for people with busy schedules. Lesson videos are 2-8 minutes in length, followed by reflective application exercises that you can spend as little as ten minutes or as an hour on. Also, you can take the course when it works for you: a bit each day, or over a few immersive days.
  • Due to its all-online, schedule-friendly format, this class can be sustained, embedded PD at its best. While I do believe one-and-done PD formats can be transformational for teachers -- after all, I deliver keynotes and all-day literacy workshops around the USA, and I wouldn't do that if I felt it was a waste of a schools' time or resources -- this online format makes it easy to take in 10 minutes per weekday of sustained, rich PD. What that means for you is deeper, more lasting understandings about student motivation and the ability to apply these understandings to your work over the long-term.
  • The course material is designed to apply to all types of educators. Overwhelmed? This will help. Eager to improve faster? Yes. Wanting to clear space for that next big extracurricular project? You got it. Just want more time to roll around on the carpet with your kids or to curl up with a good book? This'll help.

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This asynchronous Time Management for Teachers Mini-Course is open now. Enroll and receive:

  • 10 high quality, schedule-friendly video lessons, made to distill the key practices and insights of time management.
  • Unlimited access to the course. View it wherever and whenever you'd like, this school year and beyond.
  • 100% money-back guarantee. If you use it, and you don't love it, I'll refund you. It's as easy as that. (Email: [email protected])
  • Certificate of completion indicating 6 hours of professional development (videos + assignments).

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If you'd like time to get administrative funding for your enrollment in the course, we love that. Here are some notes to help:

  • First, I've written a whole blog article on how to ask for online course funding, and it includes a worksheet that lays out the case for one of my other courses. Find that article here.
  • Second, this process can take time. If you're committed to seeking administrative funding, email us at [email protected] and we'll hold your spot in the course.
  • Third, if your school prefers to purchase by check or purchase order, that's great! Just email us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts upon enrollment and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. Email [email protected].
What research is the course based on?
In addition to my own action research from the past 8 years of juggling teaching and writing and speaking and fathering and husbanding, the course comes from my reading of dozens of books on and around the topic. These include the books of Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Greg McKeown, Brene Brown, David Allen, Matthew Perman, Julie Morgenstern, Mike Schmoker, Jim Collins, Daniel Coyle, and more.
Is there a bulk discount?
Sort of -- if you would like a group viewing license, you are able to show the course material to your team or faculty at a significantly reduced cost.
Do you accept purchase orders (POs)?
We do, and it's as easy as 1-2-3. 1) Email us at [email protected], and we'll send you my W-9. (Districts often need this vendor information before they can process a PO.) 2) Email us again at [email protected], this time with the PO. As soon as we receive this, we count you as registered. 3) We'll email back an invoice with the PO number included, and that invoice will contain however many unique registration codes you purchased.
Will my state department of education recognize this as official PD hours toward my certification?
Every state's Department of Education has different policies for this. Check with yours to see if this course will count.
Are you an accredited PD provide?
I'm not. I'm just a classroom teacher who also researches and writes for teachers. I do have PD experience -- in the past five years, I've given over 100 different PD sessions in 28 states -- but I have no official accreditation. Well, I'm National Board certified... but that's not a PD accreditation. So, no. Not accredited.
Do I get 1:1 coaching from Dave Stuart Jr?
Not exactly, but you will have a chance to submit questions for me to answer via email. But here's the thing -- as my daily work with students often reminds me, I don't have all the answers. There are undermotivated students in my classroom, right now, that I'm puzzling through. But this course will undoubtedly give you a compass, a set of lenses, and some really practical tools. It will move you forward, empowering you to find the answers unique to your classroom and setting. If you'd like to hear a lot from me, then I highly recommend using the Q&A sessions aggressively :)
How do I contact you to ask a question about the program?
Do I get a certificate upon completion?
You sure do! It will indicate 6 completed hours of PD. Please note, however, that every state and school seems to vary on whether they will accept this as "official" continuing education credit.
Are course videos captioned?
Yes! All video lessons include Closed Captioning.

P.S. It comes down to this: In this course, I'll teach you how to approach time management for the rest of your career.

This course was made by a busy teacher, for busy teachers. You and me are the kind of people who deeply believe in this work, but who are smart enough to know that we can't sacrifice our whole lives on the altar of teaching success. Sustainable work -- that's what we're after. Smarter, not harder.

The ten lessons in this course are the distillation of years of balancing both large teaching loads (120+ students per year) and large extracurricular responsibilities (husband, dad, author, speaker). As you watch the lessons, answer the reflective application prompts, and connect with colleagues around the world, you'll walk away understanding these disciplines of time management and making unique applications in your own setting. I am frequently amazed at what course alumni go on to do in their classrooms and schools.

Bottom line: This is the one course you need to understand how to help students do work with care.

May your work flourish long-term.

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